Susie Perring


Susie Perring is drawn to reflective ponds, sunlit trees, plants or wild creatures, creating prints in velvety dark tones that contrast with jewel-bright colour. Much of her work has a wry humour, finding fun in animal expression or the way creatures interact with one another. She works almost exclusively in aquatint, a resin powder that is used to coat the metal plate, rather than creating a drawn line. This makes a tone, which lends itself beautifully to Susie's style of using light and dark. She will often use multiple plates for each print, creating extra depth and texture.


Susie Perring studied at The London College of Printing, graduating in 1967, before working as a graphic designer in the '60s and '70s. In 1984, she started working full time as an artist, specialising in etchings.

Her recent prints have been exhibited all around the UK, and recently at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition