Bee Bartlett explores the balance between composition and experimenting with materials in her painting. She draws us into her own view of the world by creating 'likenesses' of towns, cities and countryside, seeking out the character of a place, by honing in on an architectural element, a unique light, or view point to build a sense of familiarity.


Bee Bartlett's works are informed by travel experiences, working from source material gathered while working on location, immersed in her surroundings. She is constantly adding to sketchbooks, observing buildings, landscape and the people that occupy them. Her interpretation of her emotional response  to a place creates a fresh and lively feeling on the canvas and it is here on the canvas that the tension between the composition and the materials come into play as she uses different materials to create the final works, gold leaf, plaster, chalk paint, oil, pencil and collage. 


Bee Bartlett studied at Henley Community College and then Central St Martin's School in London. She exhibits her work nationally and makes several trips abroad a year to gather inspiration for her work.