Di & Anthony Edmonds, the creative force behind Tydd Pottery, have been running their studio since 1974. They never tire of the creative process and each delivery to the gallery is a delight with new patterns and shapes being added to their core designs. The work sits happily between art work and functional object with many people opting simply to display their pieces, while others incorporate them into their everyday table ware. The versatility of Tydd Pottery is the strength behind the work and makes it a joy to collect.


Based in Lincolnshire, they began by making large scale, earthenware garden pottery. Over the years, they were drawn towards using the distinctive tin glaze, called majolica ware, which gives the ceramics a distinctive deep blue colour. The form of the ceramics became smaller and their focus shifted to creating pieces for the interior.  


Sarah Wiseman Gallery has worked with Tydd Pottery since 2007 and in that time, the studio has earned itself numerous loyal fans and collectors