Di and Anthony Edmonds, the creative force behind Tydd Pottery, have been running their studio since 1974. They never tire of the creative process and are constantly seeking new ways to develop their work.  Well-known for their decorative blue and white Majolica tableware, a range of ceramics created to sit happily between artwork and functional object, they have recently evolved their practice to explore ancient ceramic traditions. Finding inspiration in the pottery of the Pueblo people of New Mexico has seen them moving away from table-ware to creating one-off pieces of purely decorative art. 


Their vast experience as potters after four and a half decades of making has led to this exciting new phase of their artistic out-put. It sees them eschewing the potter's wheel; instead, the pots are sculpted using coil-building. Tools such as pebbles and pieces of wood are used to give them their shape and smooth surface. The monochromatic decoration, applied entirely by Di Edmonds’ unwavering hand is at once contemporary and dynamic in feel, and yet is recognisably from the Tydd studio. The new works are a dazzling accomplishment, a culmination of skill, passion and time.


Sarah Wiseman Gallery has worked with Ant & Di Edmonds - Tydd Pottery since 2007 and in that time, the studio has earned itself numerous loyal fans and collectors.