Flora McLachlan's work takes its inspiration from the meeting of myth with ancient landscape. She is drawn to themes of romantic medieval poetry and ideas of setting out on a quest, through trees and thorns and 'searching out a glimpse of a white hart'. Her printmaking is softly lit with areas of deep shadow, alluding to a darker, more untamed woodland. Using a multitude of printmaking techniques, each image is layered with time-worn textures, her aim to make work that is reminiscent of an ancient relic, briefly brought back to life.

Flora McLachlan studied English Literature at Brasenose College Oxford, before completing a diploma in Illustration at West Herts College, where she made her first etchings. She became a member of the Oxford Printmaker's Cooperative where she continued to develop her work, exhibiting nationally. She was elected an associate member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 2008, becoming a fellow in 2013. Flora has recently relocated to remote Pembrokeshire, where she has set up her own studio.