Amy Albright's painting may transport you to a misty evergreen lakeside, a distant coastal cliff shrouded by mist or deep underwater in a turquoise expanse. Often quite vast in scope, her subjects sometimes veer towards abstraction; other times more recognisable landscapes, but there is always an element of intrigue and unknown.


A subtle tonal ranges of colour is used, an inky consistency of oil paint caresses the canvas, creating misty, watery, unclear images that are half imagined, half real.


Layering the paint, starting off loose, Amy explains that she uses expressive gestural marks outlining her composition and then begins a timely process of 'reining it in' by blending, fading, pouring and glazing the oil paint in numerous layers, as though an atmospheric cloud has enveloped it. Sometimes Amy incorporates dendrite, branch-like details as an anchor in an otherwise ethereal world, or the patterns of the way water finds it way through sand on the shoreline.


An explorer and lover of the natural world, the underwater world and the ever changing elements, Amy takes inspiration from her travels, recently Iceland and of course the dynamic changing weather, tides and coastline of Cornwall where she lives. Focusing on the boundaries of where land and water merge together is an ongoing and perhaps never-ending focus for Cornwall born artist Amy Albright.