Specialising in ceramic combined with photography and printmaking, David Rhys Jones creates sculptural works in miniature and large scale. His inspiration is drawn largely from the urban landscape, marking pathways left behind by generations of occupants. By setting out on pre-planned walks with his camera, he documents the peculiarities of our city streets that may not be immediately apparent to most passers-by.


Odd shop window displays, bits of graffiti or obscure statues are all a part David's influences. By using ceramic as a conduit for these images, he adds a sculptural dimension, transforming the image into a glossy, cameo-like object. They are usually wall-mounted, to be viewed individually or as a more immersive 'constellation'.  Other pieces he has created in this way have been free-standing sculptural forms that slot together in an assembly of interlocking images.  


David Rhys Jones trained at Central Saint Martins and since then has exhibited at The V&A Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Courtauld Institute. In 2010, he was joint winner of the Jerwood Contemporary Makers Prize.