Emily Powell paintings are uplifting, encouraging people to maintain playfulness. She is a rising art star with a philosophy that there is no need for art to remain serious, creating a cheerful practise that many have grown to know and love.


Emily’s impressive body of work illustrates nostalgia & freewill. She brightly captures hometown coastal views in Devon, motherhood, still life & nature in her own light – from parrots in the shower, tigers in the sky, seagulls with a political agenda, flamboyant floral arrangements, boats at sea in battleship form. Her imagination is endless, her curiosity infectious, freely exploring paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, digital art, stop motion animations and more. The lively diversity behind Emily’s work is rightfully admired. Her fluorescent colour palette & fearless technique showcases liberty in the way she creates and exhibits. No surface, medium or space is impractical to her. By removing traditional boundaries in her work, Emily is proving herself to be a breath of fresh air to the art world.


I’m all about colour, letting go & having fun. I don’t believe art has to be super serious.


Emily grew up in Liverpool. She went on to study at Norwich University of Arts with a sabbatical at the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Rouen. Afterwards, she has exhibited at the Royal Society of Art, had collaborations with MOMA & British Museum and has been invited to paint the entrance of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Emily completed a residency at Dartington Trust in Spring 2023.