Recently Rory Carnegie has been working on a collection of photographs inspired by Port Meadow in Oxford and the dogs that are walked there. He begins by photographing the dogs in his studio and the digitally layers those images with ones taken of the meadow through the seasons.  The outcome is an ethereal, painterly portrait series, reminiscent of nineteenth century oil portraits of animals. Partly inspired by his own dog Luca, Port Meadow Dogs tells the story of a pocket of land that has been in the possession of the city of Oxford for around a thousand years, having never been cultivated or developed. These photographs draw the connections between ancient communities that lived there long ago, to modern day residents that use the meadow today. 'Since living in Oxford, I have always walked on Port Meadow, and I quickly formed a very strong bond with it,' he says. 'When my beloved, irascible and beautiful Lurcher, Luca, died in tragic circumstances, I realised that I had few photographs that linked him with the Meadow, where he spent so much time. Compositing images of Luca with landscape images that I have made continuously throughout the seasons, was the genesis of this project.'


Rory Carnegie is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has worked around the world on numerous reportage and portraiture projects. He first picked up a camera aged thirteen, but didn't take photography seriously until he began travelling before university. He then used this first body of work on a collaborative book project about the Altiplano in Bolivia. From there, Rory has had work published in The Observer, LA Times, The Telegraph Magazine, The Sunday Times, GQ and The Independent Magazine, Creative review and the British Journal of Photography.