Specialising in producing miniature pottery, Yuta Segawa throws each of his tiny pots by hand. He decorates them with one of the five-hundred unique glazes he has developed. In a variety of shapes and styles, many have tiny delicate necks or feet, reduced to almost magical, doll-sized proportions.

In 2019, Yuta Segawa showcased one thousand of his vessels in an installation at the American University in Dubai. The pots were lined up in long rows, each one a different form, in a rainbow of shades. Yuta is interested in ceramic and its close relationship with human body. Creating works in such a tiny scale is an exercise in endurance in itself. He also produces other works, not in miniature, by ‘body-throwing’, creating pieces using his feet or even his mouth. 

Yuta Segawa was born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1988. He graduated in Industrial, Interior and Craft Design from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, then in 2015 completed his MA from Camberwell College of the Arts in London. He has spent time in China and Japan honing his ceramic skills, and has exhibited his work around the world. Yuta lives and works in London