Trevor Price's work explores relationships with all their intimate passions and preoccupations. Sometimes erotic, monotonous or simply about the comforting arms of family, his etchings can be tender, poignant and even funny, very much like the human experience.


Sensuous figures enjoy tea or picnics, or find themselves in a more surreal setting - cast adrift with balloons, or in a starlit forest.  Trevor Price often includes complex elements of pattern and detail adorning with tiny symbolic emblems and shapes. Surrounding scenery can be hugely complex, with carpets of flowers or leaves, or he will add a background detail such as an open window, with a view onto a harbour or street scene.


Trevor Price has an experimental approach to printmaking, using polycarbonate sheets as well as more traditional metal to make his plates.  He etches out strong lines using a soldering iron to get the really deep, strong lines that are characteristic in his work. In other works, he prints onto flat plaster (instead of paper) achieving a wonderfully softly textured print as the ink is absorbed into its surface.


A recent series of work takes inspiration from nature. Highly detailed drypoint and engraved relief prints, created using polycarbonate sheets carved with a drypoint needle and dremmel drill, seem photographic at first glance but viewed up close the intricate detail of the mark-making and the abstraction of each aspect become apparent.


Born in Cornwall, Trevor Price began his career at Falmouth and Winchester Schools of Art, studying printmaking. He then went on to become an apprentice in a London studio, learning the skills of a professional printmaker with other artists. He later returned to Cornwall where artists like Picasso, Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink and Cecil Collins influenced his work. Trevor is now based between his studio in London and in Cornwall. He has exhibited all over the UK, and has work in the collections of the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford), Guangdong Museum of Art (China), Yale University (USA), The Office of Public Works (Dublin) and The Bank of England.


Trevor was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 1994 and served as the Vice-President 2013-18.