Sally Stafford is well known for her expressive landscape painting, her emotional response to her surroundings key to her work. She studies the natural world during her travels - to Portugal, Devon and Dorset as well as farther afield to Australia and Indonesia- and aims to recreate that moment of connection on canvas. Colours and textures develop through application of multiple layers of paint, ink, wax and pigment. Sally favours working on the floor, allowing the various media react and pool together. Her artistic process is highly involved from a physical point of view but also a meditative one as she maintains that she is not simply painting a meadow for example, but 'growing' one, allowing her intuition to inform her process.

There is an element of impressionism in her painting in the way she approaches her work, the seemingly instantaneous feel of her brushwork, however the mix of different media keeps it resolutely contemporary.

Sally Stafford trained at Stroud School of Art and Bower Ashton in Bristol and has been working as a professional artist for over fifteen years. Sally's work has been commissioned for homes, hotels, and workplaces all over the U.K and overseas.