Joanna Vestey is an award winning photographer and her series 'Custodians' has recently been published as a book by the Ashmolean Press, with Wigwam Press, to high acclaim. The gallery is featuring a selection of photographs from the series in the gallery and other images are available to order.


'Custodians' explores the structures and rituals of the city of Oxford, in particular the relationships between Oxford institutions and the individuals who occupy them. The series is fascinating as it brings together many of Oxford's prestigious buildings along with some lesser known and previously un-photographed rooms. By linking the custodian to the building, Joanna highlights the pivotal role that they play in conserving these world renowned institutions.


Joanna Vestey says 'I was interested in how multiple time periods can be exposed by a single image and how these images lead to broader questions about how institutions shape us and we them. Within this series, I am curious whether the Custodians 'owned' the space or whether it 'owned' them - on the one hand the notion of the guardian, the conservator, the furthering the magnificence of the spaces for future generations; on the other, the idea that the spaces themselves were leaving their mark on their caretakers.'