Rich in detail, Dawn Stacey's paintings of landscape, animal and plant life have a quality similar to that of Tudor tapestries. Delicate flowers, insects, branches of trees, deer and hare appear in misty, indistinct landscapes as if part of an intricate, woven pattern. She says:


"I have a love of tapestry, aged worn walls and decorative frescoes which are evocative of my paintings that include layers of acrylic paint. The final piece is intended to conjure up a vision of a mysterious, dreamlike landscape by expressing an essence of a place."


Based in East Sussex, Dawn Stacey is a keen observer of the landscape, frequently taking walks in a local nature reserve. She mentions "mallards, herons, moorhens, swans and pond life within its landscape."

The natural life is a constant source of inspiration: " Reflections on the water, mist, frozen leaves, golden light or cracked ice may conjure up ideas for a painting while I'm out walking absorbing the atmosphere and surroundings."


 Dawn Stacey originally studied Textile Design and later graduated with an MA in Illustration from Brighton University and have painted professionally for over 25 years; exhibiting in  Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire, and London.