Dan Parry-Jones enjoys the processes of making the work as much as the end result, and by using a unique mixture of painting, collage, photography, silkscreen and impasto. The result is atmospheric and expressive landscape paintings that explore urban environments as well as the characterful beauty of the British south coast. He is also strongly influenced by his travels, and has a keen eye for strong, graphic signage and street art which are incorporated into his paintings. The high contrast of the silkscreen imagery adds a sense of strong light, as if the scene is captured in dazzling heat. Often his paintings will feature children at play, or simply exploring, their images faint as if part of a fleeting memory.

Collaged elements that he adds enhances the sense of grittiness and transience, as if we are viewing a scene that is partly faded or worn. Often Dan will sand the surfaces of his paintings back, revealing the layered textures underneath, as if discovering hidden details.


Dan Parry-Jones began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator before becoming a full time painter in 2008. His work has been exhibited in major art fairs and galleries in the UK and around the world.