Bonnie and Clyde is a contemporary British artist, whose mixed media collage and print- work centres around scenes of the urban imaginary. Crossing medium and type, Bonnie and Clyde’s work takes the form of screen-prints, large-scale originals on paper and wood, and 3D installation pieces.


Music and film, signage and iconography, travel and adventure, merge into Bonnie and Clyde’s artwork, while her passion for twentieth-century architecture - from modernism, to brutalism, to postmodernism and beyond - suffuses the overall aesthetic. With a sensitivity to the relationship between the built environment and the natural landscape, the work of Bonnie and Clyde opens out a space in which to explore human interaction in urban sites. Her work responds emotionally to the delicate association of the socio-political and the deeply personal, in a way that resonates with contemporary cultures of modernity.


Bonnie and Clyde works with a combination of monochrome and highly saturated areas of colour, collaged with photography, textured paint and papers, loosely painted objects, sitting alongside digital printed areas to represent the beautiful, messy, vibrant and chaotic nature of life in the city to  the sea. Her work undergoes a combination of digital and tactile processes, playing with layers of material, until the final collage or screen print takes shape. Through cut-up, dreamscape perspective, each of Bonnie and Clyde’s abstracted pieces tells a story: a dizzying, non-linear narrative of the individual within the city.