Elly Wall uses slab-building techniques to create cylindrical and oval vessels. Her work is informed by an interest in empty and neglected spaces, with a focus on weathered textures. Each work is hand built, with its own individual, even spontaneous, theme whilst adhering to Elly’s distinct visual language.


Her preferred medium is stoneware or porcelain. The natural clay edges give way to smooth, gently rounded forms that are glazed using printed techniques with slips, after an initial biscuit firing.  Elly also uses embossing and piercing techniques, allowing natural light to interplay with the surfaces and glazes.    


Elly says ‘While the work has evolved to be inspired by the material itself, in the background is a continuing influence by an early fascination with abandoned, derelict spaces and the weight, mood, and silence these spaces bring. The work is loosely concerned with capturing this emotive response through the use of enclosed space and form.’