Raised in France, countries in Africa and England, Marina draws inspiration from different cultures and a deep connection with nature. It is her understanding that we were once deeply connected with forests, rivers, mountains, plants and animals and that we in contemporary society are losing that connection. 


At the core of Marina's creative practice is a sense of animism, aiming to imbue her pieces with a spirit that will inspire the viewer to rekindle a connection with the natural world. 

Working intuitively, Marina will use handbuilding methods to shape her figurative pieces from paper porcelain and stoneware clay bodies. Once bisque fired, each piece is hand decorated using underglazes, coloured slips, glazes, lustre and fired multiple times in the process. 


Marina Bauguil is based in Manchester and trained in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture at Falmouth School of Art and Design, followed by studies in Ceramics in Nottingham.