Working using poured paint, expressive marks, photography and other mixed media, Rebecca McLynn aims to find the spirit of a particular landscape, rather than create a likeness of it. She does this to tap into the viewer’s own memory of places they have visited, contemplating on their own experiences.


Rebecca is drawn to remote, rugged and untamed places, travelling to California’s Big Sur, the Arctic and the West Coast of Ireland. Her palette and use of texture expresses the atmosphere and dramatic elements. She uses pools of dark tone, which contrast with softer areas of diaphanous light, suggestive of cloud or mist moving through a landscape. Some of her colour is stronger, in green or yellow, as she looks to mossy forests or rivers. 


She says her paintings are "an attempt to conjure the feeling of being enveloped in the beguiling atmosphere of the solitary but beautiful wild place of unspoilt nature." Her latest body of work explores her favourite type of wild places in the UK and Ireland: "a windswept beach in late February, the enchanted interior of a moss and verdant filled woodland, the lush botanicals clinging to a high coastal path, the deep waters of an Atlantc tide fully in."


She currently lives and works in London.