Michèle Oberdieck specialises in blown glass inspired by natural forms and organic processes, exploring balance and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour. Using sculptural forms as a gesture, or expressive mark, often grouping a few pieces together, a narrative is created.


Focusing on colour and light, Michèle combines gradations of transparency and tone with a more opaque element, capturing a sense of movement and fluidity, such as the luminosity of colours found in the sky as day turns to dusk with the milky light of the moon glowing bright. She says:


"Discovering how dramatically different light sources affect colour constantly inspires me, as does the resulting shadows glass shapes make, creating another dimension. Vivid, subtle, expressive, it is important how the tone works with the shape. The size of base affects the proportion of the piece, impacting how the colour appears, as does the width of the rim which controls the amount of light coming through."