Kate Garwood makes small batches of contemporary utility ware in Stoneware.  She juxtaposes traditional Oriental Glazes with bright inlaid slips and sgraffito decoration giving her work a mid -century modern feel.

A part of each pot is left raw showing the natural beauty of the clay.  The aim is to create something both functional and beautiful.


Kate began her career as a school teacher in Camden Town in North London.  During this period she developed a love of ceramics and joined an evening class at Standpoint studios in Shoreditch.

It was here that Kate learnt the technical skills of pottery and the magic of creating ceramics on a potter’s wheel.  What began as a hobby, developed into a life long obsession and a new way of life.

After a short stint in a shared studio in Hackney, Kate left London and set up her own studio in the village of Shiplake in South Oxfordshire.