The Wood Between the Worlds | Flora McLachlan: An opportunity to see works from the online solo exhibition | Lower Gallery

Another opportunity to see works from 'The Wood Between the Worlds' , a solo exhibition from the acclaimed artist Flora McLachlan RE shown online earlier this year. It garnered a great deal of attention and we would like to give our visitors a chance to see it in the gallery.


Flora is best known for her printmaking which is inspired by her observation of landscape. She reads the forests and hills that surround her as a familiar and beloved place but also an ancient and unchanged world 'roamed by guardian spirit-like animals, shadowed by woods where the holly springs green amongst the bare oaks and beeches.' Her work is distinctive by its dark, smudgy textures, illuminated by a floating moon or glimpse of a mythical creature. 

See a presentation of her work in our lower gallery.


In her solo exhibition, visitors can expect to see a new body of work, partly inspired by her recent MA, where she explored a range of media, including works in oil on board.