Bee Bartlett | Studio visit

Gallery director Sarah Wiseman drops into Bee Bartlett's studio

Gallery director Sarah Wiseman has spent a lovely morning this week visiting Bee Bartlett at her Oxfordshire studio. Bee very kindly allowed Sarah a glimpse of her workspace and what new paintings she’ll be delivering to us for our Christmas show ‘Deck the Walls!’


Bee Bartlett is best known for her atmospheric depictions of cities – her favourites are Venice, London city, with St Paul’s dome framed by winding passageways, and her home city Oxford, of course. She’s drawn to dramatic skies, with buildings lit as if a low-lying winter sun has just broken through a storm-cloud, dazzling against golden textured stone and rain-drenched pavements.


Her use of materials is highly descriptive. Generously applied gold leaf reflects light, so the painting changes with each change in the natural light that surrounds it. She uses collage in some instances or splashes of household paint, acrylic or pastel to define and add texture, even adding found objects such as collaged patterned papers.

Sarah Wiseman says, ‘There’s nothing like an artist studio visit to really get into the mindset of an artist. It helps both artist and gallerist formulate ideas and think about where the work is going.

‘Bee’s new studio is such an inspiring place in a lovely part of the county. I’m really excited about what she’s making for the Christmas exhibition - we can't wait to see it!’


If you’d like to receive our ‘Deck the Halls’ look-book, email us here to request a link:    

November 4, 2021