Rory Carnegie

AOP50: Images that Defined the Age

The Gallery is proud to announce that  Rory Carnegie's work is part of  'AOP50: Images that Defined the Age', an exhibition of photography by the world's most respected photographers. 

An internationally acclaimed photographer, Rory Carnegie's practice ranges from politically engaged reportage to fashion photography and animal portraiture in multi-layered landscapes. Examples from his series 'Long Ago and Far Away' depicting wild animals, can now be seen in the exhibition. By layering several images to create the composition, these photographs take on a painterly, ethereal quality, referencing 18th century oil paintings. Rory is interested in exploring ideas of the natural and the alien as he transports the animals into settings different from their natural habitats. The exhibition is a celebration of The Association of Photographers 50th anniversary and is now on in the lobby of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, until 1st June. A selection of photographs from Rory's 'Long Ago and Far Away' series is available from the gallery. Please click below to view available work.

April 21, 2018