Spellbound: Final Week

Finishing on 1st October

This week is the final few days to catch ‘Spellbound’ with Flora McLachlan RE and Daniel Ablitt!

Flora and Daniel are both artists that seek to reveal the magic hidden within real world landscape settings; Flora is inspired by the Welsh mountains that surround her home; whilst Daniel’s painting is informed by the places he visits on his travels.

Flora’s attention to detail includes painting the edges of her canvas, as if to continue the image, blending into its surroundings. She’s even added rose thorns to the edge her painting ‘The Wind in the Pines, The Dreams in My Head’ , the thorns symbolicof sharp memories that snag, and catch us off guard.

A highlight of Daniel’s collection is ‘Flower Temple (Meditation)’ that combines a striking forest landscape, with the ghostly form of a house, filled with stars. There is a seated figure just visible, cross legged on a jetty as if in meditation.

If you’ve not had time to pop in and see the show, we have prepared an e-catalogue, where you can view all available works and read about the artists. Click here to see more: https://bit.ly/Spellbound_cat


September 24, 2022