New Gallery Artists : Amy Albright & Claire Oxley


We are delighted to present two new gallery artists in this online exhibition, Amy Albright & Claire Oxley. The artists with their unique visual languages explore different areas of the country, Amy Albright, Cornwall and Claire Oxley, Norfolk. 

The landscape tradition remains strong in contemporary painting, as we become ever more aware of our need to protect the environment these painters act as a barometer of our beautiful and ever changing landscape. 

In selecting these two artists, diverse in their approach to painting, but deeply connected to the environment we explore two areas of the country through their eyes. 

Amy Albright's collection of paintings explores the wild majesty of the moment where the land meets the sea, capturing an elemental essence that we are all drawn to. 

Claire Oxley's paintings, contemplate the flat rural landscapes and wide open skies 'I have produced a collection of paintings that chart and describe the rhythms, seasons, skies, seas and fields and foliage of East Anglia; landscapes of energy and flux.'