Lockdown Windows Exhibition


The Gallery, in line with government advice, is now temporarily closed to visitors. Throughout this period we will change the window display weekly, starting with the stunning collection of Dawn Stacey paintings along with Jane Muir ceramics. 

Each piece in the display is available to purchase via the website online shop. 

The gallery will be staffed daily for click and collect purchases and to help with enquiries. Our opening hours are:

Monday - Friday 10-4 pm,  Saturday 10-2pm


Rich in detail, Dawn Stacey's paintings of landscape, animal and plant life have a quality similar to that of Tudor tapestries. Delicate flowers, insects, branches of trees, deer and hare appear in misty, indistinct landscapes as if part of an intricate, woven pattern. She says: "I have a love of tapestry, aged worn walls and decorative frescoes which are evocative of my paintings that include layers of acrylic paint. The final piece is intended to conjure up a vision of a mysterious, dreamlike landscape by expressing an essence of a place.

Complementing Dawn Stacey's paintings are ceramic sculptures by Jane Muir, offering an uncomplicated and idiosyncratic view of the world. Little men and ladies smile serenely; birds perch on heads and colourful gardens bloom. Her subject matter ranges from large scale figures and animals to tiny birds and mushrooms.

Using a range of glazes to create different textures and effects, she often allows the rough texture of the clay to shine through gentle colours, lending a soft, chalky quality to her work. All smaller sized sculptures are available to purchase from the web-shop where you have the option of delivery or collection later from the gallery. For larger pieces, enquire via the website or just give us a call at the gallery!