Toni Cogdell : Artist in focus


Toni Cogdell's paintings are spiritual in their approach using sparkling light and overlaid imagery to explore themes around our emotional life and its place in the reality of every-day life. She identifies our need to find personal talismans and signposts, such as a tree spotted on a daily commute or distant hills behind buildings. 

The figures in her paintings are often known to her, although she sees her work as representative of anyone, reflecting the viewer's personal inner monologue. She describes them as 'solitary but not alone' - they are caught between a dream-like space and reality, literally immersed in thought. Working with great energy, Toni will often work on several paintings simultaneously to keep the flow of her own thoughts fresh, layering bold, gestural brushstrokes with finer detail and form.

Toni Cogdell graduated from Bath Spa University in 2002, launching straight into her painting career. She has exhibited around the UK and internationally, and has been nominated for numerous awards such as the Black Swan Solo Prize and Holbourne Portrait prize. She lives and works in Bristol.