Spring Exhibition


The first warm days are here and we find ourselves drawn to fresh, bright colour and a yearning for the great outdoors. Blow away the cobwebs here at Sarah Wiseman Gallery with new collections of painting and printmaking by our most sought after artists, including Charlotte Cornish, Sally Stafford, Vicky Oldfield, Fletcher Prentice and Daniel Ablitt.

Charlotte Cornish

Charlotte Cornish is one of the UK's leading contemporary abstract artists. Through her strong energetic mark making, Charlotte explores the world through colour and line.

'I have always found inspiration from places I have visited. I often use photographs as an initial starting point for my compositions, but my paintings are not representations of places, but a mixture of elements from the seen world, and my own emotional responses and experience.' 


Sally Stafford

Sally Stafford is well known for her expressive landscape painting, her emotional response to her surroundings key to her work. She studies the natural world during her travels - to Portugal, Devon and Dorset as well as farther afield to Australia and Indonesia- and aims to recreate that moment of connection on canvas. Colours and textures develop through application of multiple layers of paint, ink, wax and pigment.

Vicky Oldfield

Printmaker Vicky Oldfield sees beauty in everyday objects, such as pot-plants, books and bottles that are often filled to the brim with seasonal flowers. She uses the collograph printmaking technique through which she is able to be very expressive combining pattern, colour, collage and found bottle labels creating a vintage look and feel to her work.

Collograph is an experimental form of printmaking with the plates created using collage, rather than engraved metals. Paper, card, string or just about anything with interesting texture is applied to the plate and sealed, before the artist applying the ink, and running it through the press.  

Fletcher Prentice

Fletcher Prentice's paintings are a wonderful display a fluidity and confidence with oil combined with a meticulous eye for detail. He is interested in shape, colour and the natural world along with the material qualities of paint, enjoying its texture as he uses it to build form.  His paintings often take on two contrasting themes - one is still life, such as with cutlery or crockery, laid out neatly in grids, the other more prominent is bird and plant life. 

Daniel Ablitt

Daniel Ablitt is a great observer the landscape; he does not set out to record a likeness of a particular location but he seeks to engage with the profound effect it has on us as human beings. His paintings depict partly-imagined places and half-remembered landscapes captured mostly from his travel experiences and childhood.