Mediterranean Journeys: New paintings by Andrew Hood and Peter Kettle


Inspired by late-summer's change of pace, Sarah Wiseman Gallery is proud to present two new collections of paintings by two artists both influenced by travel. By working from drawings made on site, both Andrew Hood and Peter Kettle's paintings evoke the energy and detail of a particular location that's only conveyed through the power of observational drawing. This August, Andrew and Peter turn their attention to the charms and intense colour and light of the Mediterranean.


Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood's unique style has evolved from an interest in combining both abstract and figurative mark-making. By working from a store of observational drawings made on location, Andrew's technique is to pour, scratch and flick paint across a prepared surface, often working from a height onto the floor to build a sense of aerial perspective. He is adept at capturing movement, whether it's storm-clouds gathering across a remote field, or bustling crowds at the souks of Marrakech.


Peter Kettle  

Peter Kettle has built a strong reputation for ambitiously scaled landscape paintings, which have largely been inspired by the landscape of his native Wales. Often painting 'en plein air', Peter is drawn to atmosphere and light, often using mixed media, harnessing its unpredictability on the canvas.

Peter has undertaken journeys to Oxfordshire and Cornwall painting and drawing while on planned walks across remote countryside. More recently he has visited Patagonia, re-tracing the steps of Welsh immigrants landing there generations ago. His new collection on display in August is inspired by a recent trip to Sicily, capturing the sun-soaked hill-sides and dramatic coast in his unique, unsentimental style.