Rebecca McLynn Patsy McArthur: New Works


Sarah Wiseman Gallery is proud to present an exhibition featuring new works by Rebecca McLynn and Patsy McArthur.

Rebecca McLynn is drawn to remote and untamed places, travelling to California's Big Sur, the Arctic and the West Coast of Ireland. Last autumn she found inspiration in the rugged landscape of Connemara. Rather than creating a superficial likeness of a particular location , Rebecca strives to capture its spirit using poured paint, expressive mark making, photography and other media. A palette of darker tones contrasting with splashes of cool light, suggesting a passing mist or reflections from the sun, as well as creating different textures on the canvas, express the atmosphere and drama of nature.


The human figure is central to Patsy McArthur's work, reflecting her high regard for figuration in Scottish painting as well as her artistic interest in capturing the human being and expressing human concerns. Her images are powerfully energetic and convey a sense of strength and liberation, the figures often in motion or transition and alluding to shifting psychological states. Drawing and draughtsmanship play a crucial role in Patsy's practice as evident in her technically challenging works depicting movement through space. Many of her works show figures submerged in water, often moving away from the viewer with feet or hands appearing to touch the canvas. Visitors to the Gallery can expect to see charcoal works on paper as well as oil on canvas.