2009 BA Fine Art, Winchester School of Art


"My work is drawn from images in popular culture portraying an ideal. Be it visual perfection, material possessions, image, style or relationships - the work is designed to entice the viewer into its world.
Investigating the world of the ideal brings with it its own destruction; over-consumed, over-fed and yet malnourished and deficient. Mixing rough and broad brushstrokes with finer, more intricate details, my work questions the idea of perfection. I enjoy allowing the paint a reign of its own, with drips flowing down many of my paintings. The effect of these lends an unrefined touch to the glamour portrayed and gives a feel of the momentary, like a Polaroid hung up to view a passing snapshot in time."


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, 'Identities'

2016   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Spring Exhibition

2014   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Summer Exhibition with Kathryn Stevens

2013   Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Sarah Wiseman Gallery 

2013   Affordable Art Fair Bristol, Sarah Wiseman Gallery 

2012   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Group Exhibition

2012   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead

2012   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Affordable Art Fair Bristol 

2012   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Glasgow Art Show 

2011   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

2011   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Group Exhibition

2009, Fairfield`s New Contemporaries, Fairfield Arts Centre, Basingstoke

2009, Untitled, The Screen, Winchester

2008, Untitled, The View, Winchester