Toni Cogdell Q and A

Artistic practice and studio life

Toni Cogdell's work forms part of our current 'Identities' exhibition. It is the first time her work is exhibited at the gallery and we are very pleased to introduce this promising artist to our visitors. Toni paints with a deep intensity of practice, searching out the space in and around our dreams and reality. She speaks of the figures in her paintings "as Everywoman/Everyman; I want them to represent and connect to a universal feeling of being human. They are figures in spaces which are part landscape, part 'inner-scape', revealing layers of emotion and experience, hopes and dreams. I paint women more often than men, as being female is my lived experience and therefore a truer place to begin my expression and to navigate from, to locate meaning. My women, painted by a woman, are seen and portrayed without the filter of the 'Male Gaze'''


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March 10, 2017