Henrietta Dubrey

New paintings and drawings

We are pleased to announce a new collection of works by acclaimed artist Henrietta Dubrey, currently on display in our lower gallery. Bold colour and a strong, confident line define Henrietta's work. She is well-known as an abstract painter although her practice oscillates between the figurative and abstract genre, exploring her own experiences and reflections on her life.


The selected work recently arrived in the gallery is a striking mix of large and smaller works on canvas as well as drawings, showing Henrietta's full range as a painter. They are free-spirited compositions in primary colours of blue, yellow and red; some purely abstract, others with representational elements and some fully figurative. In addition, small works on paper play with ideas of femininity in portrait form as well as nude studies.


An artist with a remarkable presence and an uncompromising approach to her art, these works highlight Henrietta's focus on colour and form but also hint at her affinity with expressing the absurd or shocking in art.


Click the link below to take a look at available works in an e-catalogue.

June 26, 2019