Una d'Aragona

New artist at Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Sarah Wiseman gallery is proud to introduce the Cornwall-based painter Una d’Aragona.

Working primarily in oil, Una uses painterly marks to investigate memory, and how it shapes our lives. Referencing historical painting, song lyrics and the human figure, she layers her canvas in semi-abstracted forms, reflecting on the non-linear accumulations of images that emerge, distort or fade. 

Her mark making ranges from rounded and soft strokes to more expressive lines and squiggles. These contrast and float over one another in multi-dimensional planes, that immerse and draw the viewer through her world.

 ‘I am interested in how fragments of the past, personal, art historical, cultural, remain alive in our deep memory, ghosts that bleed into the present and our thoughts of the future,’ she says.


A collection of Una d'Aragona' work will be on display at the gallery from 12th February.

February 1, 2019