Introducing Keeley Traae

New Craft!

We’re excited to introduce new maker Keeley Traae! Her collection of vases is not only dazzling colourful, but at the forefront of digital craft. Using cutting edge 3-D print techniques, each one is made using PLA, a biodegradable material made from 100% renewable and natural resources. The designs begin with a pencil sketch followed by the digitally crafted form.


Keeley says: I’m super excited to be posting a new order to Sarah Wiseman at her stunning gallery in Summertown, Oxford.

I am in very good company amid some of my ceramic heroes such as Rhian Malin, Linda Bloomfield, and Dawn Hajittofi. I was lucky enough to be a neighbour of Dawn’s in the start-up tent at Craft Festival Bovey Tracey last June and it’s wonderful to see her work doing so well as a fellow new maker in this wonderfully creative world!

Keeley says her collection of vases ‘expresses my love of form, textural surfaces, and colour. I am excited by the endless possibilities this design technology offers and am enjoying the exploration of the many exciting materials available. Each piece is unique and due to the nature of the process often unpredictable.’


Click here to see the full collection.

March 15, 2023