Mychael Barratt

Exhibition Catalogue

Enjoy browsing the digital catalogue for Mychael Barratt's solo exhibition 'On the Shoulders of Giants' 

Mychael’s particular skill is drawing out the obscure and hidden stories from places that are familiar to us.


In 2019, Mychael created an artists’ map from which this exhibition takes its title. ‘The Shoulders of Giants - a Map of Spires, Quads and Oxford Corners’ plots out not only the colleges but the people and history that make the city so unique.


Mychael has returned once again to the dreaming spires, and we are delighted to reveal his brand-new prints inspired by the surreal characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Oxford Dodo in a new suite of silkscreen prints on paper


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21st January -18th February


January 20, 2023