The Artist Gardener

Our Summer exhibition is now on!

We can't believe we’re almost halfway through our Summer Exhibition The Artist Gardener!  Featuring new works by Fletcher Prentice and Dawn Stacey, it’s an exploration of gardens as creative, expressive places. Playing with composition, colour and texture, gardening has a long association with making art; and indeed, many artists, writers and poets are famously keen gardeners and naturalists with Claude Monet a very famous example.

Dawn Stacey shows an enchanting new collection of works inspired by gardens as patchworks of activity; fruit trees are frothing with blossom, while tiny figures are glimpsed exploring or toiling the land. A particular highlight is ‘A Shared Pathway’ painted in Dawn’s signature elevated perspective, with a pathway centrally placed.

She says: "I have a love of tapestry, aged worn walls and decorative frescoes which are evocative of my paintings that include layers of acrylic paint. The final piece is intended to conjure up a vision of a mysterious, dreamlike landscape by expressing an essence of a place."

The Artist Gardener continues until 6th August. 

July 25, 2022