Ade Adesina at the Royal Academy

'Parallel' on show in the print room curated by Grayson Perry RA

We are thrilled that Ade Adesina RSA's print 'Parallel' is currently on show at the Royal Academy Summer show. And against that lemon wall, we think it really zings!

Ade's print has been selected this year by Grayson Perry RA, with this year's theme 'Climate', an issue regularly addressed by Ade in his work.

'Parallel' is an exquisitely executed work in linocut. It's a surreal image, comprising of three planets floating at the top of a large tree trunk, the outer two forming at first glance, a cartoonish, mouse-shaped silhouette. Perhaps Ade is poking fun at our superficial grasp of climate issues; meanwhile two clock-faces below seem to form eyes, staring watchfully out over the desert landscape below.

'Parallel' seems to emulate the essential and miraculous balance in our ecosystem that keeps us all safe. Its symmetry adds a heart-rending urgency to act to protect that balance, but the harmonious arrangement of the differing objects is pleasing to the eye, like a flower offering small signs of hope.

Congratulations Ade on this extraordinary work and on being selected for the RA Summer Show! 'Parallel' is also on show as part of 'Contradictions' his solo show here at Sarah Wiseman Gallery.

June 20, 2022