Studio visits in Scotland

Catherine Rayner and Ade Adesina

Studio visits are an important part of gallery work and director Sarah Wiseman recently travelled to Scotland to see Catherine Rayner and Ade Adesina to look at work for their forthcoming solo exhibitions. Here’s what she discovered…

"Catherine’s studio is situated on the ground floor of Edinburgh Printmakers, and walking into this room is very much entering her world. The studio is a busy place with books, framed art work, large work benches, sketches and ideas for art works everywhere. Most of the work for this visit is for her forthcoming exhibition, The Dog Show, launching on 7th May. 

I also had the chance to pop up to the fantastic print workshop upstairs so Catherine could show me some of the new silkscreen prints she has been working on for the exhibition. It was amazing to see the space in which they are created and to look at the numbers of screens she works from to make each print. One screen is needed for each colour and requires meticulous work in order to produce the finished image."


"In Aberdeen, Ade's space is at WASP Studios which is Scotland’s studio network, supporting hundreds of artists in studio locations across Scotland, from Orkney to Kirkcudbright.  

In the studio there is a main wall where Ade works on his large lino sheets, carving directly into their surface. Hung between the lino sheets is the drill that he uses to cut the print surface. Trays around the studio hold thousands of tiny discarded drill pieces. Ade tells me that ‘some of them don’t last half an hour’. He uses many different drill bit sizes to create differing textures. Ade then takes the completed lino-sheets to the print workshop at Peacock Arts, a short distance away.

Ade has been working hard creating new works to be revealed in his exhibition ‘Contradictions’, launching here at the gallery in June."

April 6, 2022