New Group Exhibition: Inner Space

An Exploration of Domestic, Oplulent or Imaginary Interiors launches on 5th March

Sarah Wiseman Gallery is delighted to introduce Inner Space, a group exhibition of artists exploring a variety of interior spaces that are domestic, more opulent or imaginary. With our domestic lives taking so much more precedence in the last two years, our thoughts have come to focus on the importance of our most intimate surroundings.

Gallery director Sarah Wiseman says, ‘‘The word ‘home’ or interior carries so many meanings. The exhibition features artists investigating interior space using a variety of media addressing a range of themes.’ 

Visitors can expect to see vibrant paintings by the acclaimed young artist Dawn Beckles, whose contemporary interpretations of classic still life incorporates reoccurring subject matter inspired by her native Barbados. The Brighton-based artist Kate Montgomery will also be showing new works inspired by the interior worlds of women, inspired by her early childhood.

‘We’ll also be introducing printmaker Lindsey Moran explores the decadent light and space of palm houses, while Adam Stone investigates the compelling nature of abandoned or disused urban spaces’, says Sarah.  Gallery artist Alison Pullen presents her beautifully observed paintings of both domestic and public spaces, using a mixture of collage and drawing in situ.

‘This exhibition explores what it means to be in our own space, whether that’s our homes or some other place, perhaps in our dreams,’ says Sarah.


February 16, 2022