Introducing: Rowena Mayell

Striking large-scale botanical works

We are delighted to introduce artist Rowena Mayell, whose work is on display alongside Rebecca Swainston’s exhibition ‘Embodyment’.

Rowena studied textiles at Glasgow School of Art, though her focus now is largely on painting.

Her work is striking by its scale, but also the delicate detail in includes. Rowena works by gathering samples of plant-life from the countryside that surrounds her home, drawing from life and layered mark making to build up a sense of depth and atmosphere. She favours graphite, gesso and acrylic, using a pared-back palette focussing solely on the lines and shapes.

The look of the work is a beautifully observed study of plant-life which is a pleasing study of structure, rhythm and pattern of wild plants.

We absolutely love these new additions to the gallery – come by to take a closer look in all their glory!

January 20, 2022