Happy New Year - Welcome to 2022!

Our Early Spring Exhibitions

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Here at Sarah Wiseman Gallery we are raring to go after a short break over the festive season. There's so much to look forward to in 2022!

First up, we introduce paintings by the acclaimed artist Rebecca Swainston and her show 'Embodyment'. Her work is highly expressive, richly textured and colourful, drawing inspiration from 'the human condition' - our thoughts, our desires and vulnerabilities. The figures in her work are seated, floating or leaping, stretching out or stricken in a dreamlike state. Often, they are clothed in elaborate costumes or heavy shoes. Animals appear 'which represent states of mind, influences or energies and embody feelings of displacement and separation of being of a different nature.'

Alongside Rebecca Swainston's work, Claire Oxley will show a collection of  paintings inspired by the Norfolk landscpae. Reflecting the seasons, changes in light , the colours of nature, Claire explores the fundamental energy and rhythm of place. 

In February, we introduce new works by the Somerset based artist Rowena Mayell. Rowena is best known for her large-scale studies of organic forms - grasses, blossoms and thorns. Her recent works has a pared back palette, creating striking, yet subtle studies of often overlooked plants, the 'delicate yet determined plants we call weeds', she says.  She looks to the shape and pattern in particular, observing the interplay of light and shadow and the pleasing structure and symmetries of wild plants.  

In March, we introduce 'Inner Space' a themed group-show, focusing on artists that explore domestic interiors. Alison Pullen, well-known for her observational paintings of opulent and more homely interiors will show a new collection and we also look forward to exhibiting works by the acclaimed painter Kate Montgomery. Kate makes intimate, intricately patterned paintings of largely imaginary domestic spaces, populated with quiet, often female subjects as they prepare for swimming, dressing up, reading or sleeping.  

We're also tremendously excited to bring you in this exhibition paintings by Dawn Beckles filled with vibrant, saturated colour and pattern; the eerily beautiful photogravure prints by Lindsay Moran; and atmospheric representations by Adam Stone of seemingly abandoned leisure spaces such as hotels and restaurants.


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January 10, 2022