Pen Reid: A Hidden World

New collection in our Christmas show

‘Deck the Walls’ features a stunning new collection from the Edinburgh-based painter Pen Reid. In this recent collection, her quietly intriguing works incorporate sweetly rendered domestic scenes, which are disrupted by abstracted mark making and colour planes.


In her painting ‘Washing Up’ we see a tiny female figure with her back to us, apparently elbow deep in a sink full of dishwater. She is encircled by a mountain-like, frothing shape in a pale soapy blue, with another mountain beyond and behind that, a corniced ceiling for the sky.  In ‘The Docile and The Wild’ the artist reflects two worlds, one of tangled branches and another of neatly-kept rabbit hutches and bird tables. We are left to wonder whether it’s our world that’s interrupting nature, or the artist musing on nature encroaching back to our domestic spaces.


Pen’s artistic output also includes poetry – she has performed at Coastword Festival, The Poetry Club, The National Library & The Edinburgh Fringe to five star review. Pen co-wrote ‘Char’: performed and published for the Hidden Doors Festival. Her first solo collection ‘Invalid’ was launched at the Scottish Poetry Library by Appletree Press.

Don’t miss the opportunity to glimpse into the world of this fascinating artist.

December 2, 2021