Art for Love or Investment?

Sarah Wiseman Gallery guide to collecting art.

In this months's B4 MAgazine, Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford's largest independent gallery space, gives a few key pointers to starting an art collection, whether for personal enjoyment or as a corporate statement.

Now in its eighteenth year, Sarah Wiseman Gallery prides itself on exhibitions of contemporary art by established and emerging creative talent from all over the UK. Our clients are experienced art collectors who are confident in feeding their passion for contemporary art. Some buy with their heart and others with an eye to investment. However, we are always meeting people at the gallery who are new to collecting. They are often very keen to get involved but are nervous of taking the first step, perhaps hesitant whether to trust their instinct and buy a work they love or buy a work by a well-known name as it seems to be a sure investment.

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June 15, 2016