'Wild Tracks' is now open

See the immersive new paintings by Jim Whitty with luminous blown glass by Michèle Oberdieck.

The gallery is singing with colour as Jim Whitty’s exhibition ‘Wild Tracks’ launched on 16th October. It’s incredible how the gallery transforms itself with each exhibition. Jim’s large-scale, immersive forest pieces have brought in an intense energy, yet the paintings have a clarity of light and calm that one might experience after a long walk through a leafy forest.

Jim says ‘Walking and running through the local woods and surrounding countryside is where most of these paintings begin.  Despite repeated returns to the same spots, the constant shift of light, weather, season and the endorphin fueled state I find myself in, mean that different details capture my attention on virtually every trip.’

Also on show, are works by the glass maker Michèle Oberdieck. Michèle has created some of her pieces specifically for this exhibition, in response to Jim’s colour palette.

She explains ‘Colour has always been a major inspiration for my work, previously from my printing and textile days, now to the seductively hued glass forms.’

‘Colour and light are intertwined. Light interacting with colour can completely change its tone. This is especially relevant with glass, as the very nature of this material adds another dimension to an interior depending on the light source. It’s this tonality which I find fascinating.’


By sheer coincidence, both artists are alumnus of The Glasgow School of Art, graduating the same year in 1994. They knew each other at the time, but both went off on their differing career paths. We’re thrilled that Wild Tracks is the first time they’ve exhibited together since their degree shows in Glasgow.


‘Wild Tracks’ continues until Saturday 6th November. 


October 25, 2021