The Wisegal Podcast | Episode 5

A conversation with Nathalie Moisy

In our latest podcast episode, we bring you a conversation with Nathalie Moisy, as she discusses her solo exhibition 'Change, Transience, Harmony' with gallery director Sarah Wiseman. Listen in as she talks about her life in Japan, working processes, inspiration and career path thus far. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the link below, or search for 'The Wisegal Podcast' on iTunes.


Recorded in Oxforshire, following all safety guidlines in May 2021. Edited by Bespoken Media for Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford UK

Music by Pryor Meadows, Shutterstock Music


Our thanks to Nathalie Moisy for her time, and to Dave Howard at Bespoken Media for editing and production support. 

May 10, 2021