Dialogues: Sarah Spackman and Linda Bloomfield

9 - 30 September 2017

Artists rarely work in complete isolation. Over generations, collaborations are an exciting part of creativity and vital to artists who want to spark something new.

In their forthcoming exhibition 'Dialogues' at Sarah Wiseman Gallery, ceramicist Linda Bloomfield and painter Sarah Spackman explore their mutual appreciation for form and colour, and their shared artistic influences. Visitors can expect to see not only a show of beautiful ceramics and paintings, but get a sense of the chemistry between two makers as they explore a mutual language. 

Sarah and Linda met on the exhibition circuit a number of years ago. They have remained close colleagues and friends ever since, Linda's ceramics appearing regularly in Sarah's paintings. The two often exchange ideas - each artist looks to the other, but without dictating to one another.  They are both drawn to the same organic shapes, and smooth surfaces such as eggs or shells. A key artistic influence is the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, whose pared-back still life paintings are renowned for their tonal subtlety.    

Ceramicist Linda Bloomfield will show recent works, consisting of assorted of bottles and vessels housed in specially made shelves. These small-scale installations are inspired by still life painting, the differing heights and shapes of each piece of ceramic placed in playful arrangement. Her choice of glazes reflects the light and texture of a still life painting, choosing creams or greys that gleam softly.

This sense of play is a vital part of Sarah Spackman's painting process. On one wall of her light-filled Oxford studio, she has erected a shelf at eye level on which to arrange her still life. Selecting from a vast collection of neatly stored objects, she'll spend hours arranging and rearranging, setting the stage from which she will begin her painting. Working in a quiet, considered way, Sarah's paintings are well known for their soft, clear light and well-formed palette that contrasts vibrant colour with muted tones.

Dialogues is set to be a stunning exhibition that will explore how two different makers communicate and exchange ideas, and make discoveries in their own specialist media.  

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