Peter Kettle: New Works


Sarah Wiseman Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Peter Kettle. For Peter, the landscapes of Britain are the spur for his love of painting. The hostility of the wild and the peace of the water's edge is a duality that Peter strives to capture in his work. In particular, the alchemy of light and landscape harnessed through mixed media and his unique application and technique is a quality that shines through in each of his paintings. Peter often broadens his palette to oil, acrylics, ink and clay, using a range of tools giving his paintings texture and energy. The majority of the larger work is done in the studio but Peter takes the canvases outside at many stages of the painting process and they are exposed to the changing weather conditions. Often the wind and rain whip across the canvas, creating unpredictable patterns. Allowing nature to directly influence the work is an exciting process and allows the artist to work with the weather rather than against it. Peter studied art in Cardiff and is a member of Royal Cambrian Academy.