Opening Exhibition : New Alison Pullen Paintings


A wonderful display of new paintings by Alison Pullen awaits visitors to the gallery. 


In this new group of works there will be three paintings from a private London interior. A look behind the curtains of a grand residence these evocative works are a wonderful example of how Alison instils the essence of a home and the character of its occupants into the image. We can either imagine ourselves living in this home or we could create a personality for the family that lives there......  


Home has taken on a new sense of meaning and comfort for all of us over the past few months. This series of paintings were from a commission created before the owners of the house moved, they wanted to create a memory of the place to take with them. Alison often works to commission in this way, if you would like her to paint your home please do get in touch. It is a wonderful process, Alison comes and paints in situ and creates a number of paintings of different rooms for you to choose from, she is then by agreement free to exhibit the remaining works. 


The collection also includes two iconic Oxford locations, so if you are missing either Quod or the Ashmolean, take a look at these wonderful paintings!