E S C A P E : Clare Bonnet, Christopher Farrell, Peter Kettle, Dan Parry Jones, Fletcher Prentice, Annabelle Shelton


In July, Sarah Wiseman Gallery will be filled to the brim with contemporary art exploring coastal landscape, nature and summer city-scapes. For many of us, the summer months are a time to escape, re-charge and refresh, but for some artists this can be a key time to find new inspiration and ideas. The longer days and brighter light is much more conducive to drawing and painting, and some artists, as with this exhibition, draw much of their inspiration from travel. Dan Parry Jones for example will make several trips each year, in search of material to inform his highly textured mixed media paintings. Other artists investigate the consistent, irresistible draw of the beach, such as with Annabelle Shelton and her large-scale water colours on aluminium. Artists like Fletcher Prentice are continually preoccupied with nature, investigating plant forms and their insect and bird inhabitants.